Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Card Sentiment

Before Joe and I got married 9 years ago I had never understood the magnitude of a Christmas card list. You know... those lucky (or unlucky) people in your address book who are fortunate enough to receive that yearly mailing you put so much effort into. There are the ones you send them to because you always have and you enjoy it... whether they send one to you or not. The family... the ones who probably enjoy them the most. And then the ones you bought the extras for... the ones you send them to simply because they sent one to you. Whether you want to admit it or not, you know this is true.

Regardless, once I started receiving "photo" cards I realized how much more sentimental they were and made it a tradition of my own. The first "photo" year we posed with a 6-month-old Brendan in front of the fireplace in our Vancouver home, photography courtesy of my father-in-law. Second year we had professional photos taken with an 18-month-old Brendan between our two smiling faces. Third year we had just had Aubrey and opted to send out birth announcements instead of Christmas cards. Fourth year we went back to the same professional photographer and ended up with a beautiful family photo and repeated the scenario with a new photographer for the fifth year (last year.) But as the time crept by this year and we made the decision not to spend the money on photos, I realized we would either have to forgo the family photo and try for one of just the kids, or... do it ourselves. How hard can a tripod and remote really be? (and now you're laughing because you know this wasn't my thought at all...) Fortunately for us, rather than pressing the timer button and waiting, I just had to keep pressing the remote... hoping for the best.

Take One: Seriously children? Aubrey, for the love of Peet, sit STILL... and who am I? The Nanny? Why doesn't anyone want to sit with ME??? Let's try this again...

Take Two: OK, getting closer... if I sit close enough to Joe she doesn't realize she's sitting on my lap instead of his... but seriously kids... FACES?! We are a HAPPY FAMILY!

Brendan, I said "happy" not forced enthusiasm... Aubrey please leave your sock on and wipe the goofy look off your face...Forget it... this one will have to do. Here's hoping for better in 2012...

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