Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Captain Hook and Tinkerbell

Really just a pirate and a fairy costume from Costco. It was Aubrey's love for the sweet Disney fairy that brought about the idea to elaborate them (who knew that she would still be demanding to be called "Tinkerbell" even weeks after the costume had been put away??) Brendan looked much more fierce with his hook and eye patch (which he donned for our trick-or-treat outing.) Although his "arrr matey" sounded too sweet and friendly to be intimidating. When one man handed him candy and said, looking at the hook "oh, I hope your hand feels better..." Brendan giggled and whispered as we walked away "I wonder if he knows it's fake..." I love the sweet innocence of children. One of the downfalls of Halloween in Central Oregon is that, when the sun goes down, the temperature drops drastically. So we stepped out into the 40 degree chill that night and ushered the kids to about 15 houses in 20 minutes. Though despite the numb fingers and toes, they would have kept going had we let them.

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