Saturday, June 4, 2011


My friend Tracey came over early last month to visit and let the kids play. The weather was sunny but chilly... perfect for sending the kids out back to play while we chatted. It didn't take long before I heard my dear daughter wailing and delayed inquiring about the reason as she tends to be overly dramatic. So Tracey walked to the sliding door, looked out and stifled a laugh as she sighed "oh Aubrey..." and by the time I reached the door I had to turn my back so my baby girl wouldn't see the giggles. Had it not been for Tracey I wouldn't have captured the photo. But in between giggles I managed to whisper "is it bad that I kind of want to get the camera right now?" to which she replied (as only friends can) "do it... you only get one chance!"

And I only felt a slight pang of guilt as I snapped the picture while my sweet girl cried "I stuuuuck Mommy!! I put my chair on...!!!" I them promptly removed the chair which she dragged back into the yard and we all survived. Nothing but a little memory making.


Just the Two of Us said...

OMGosh SO FUNNY!!! I love it!

Just the Two of Us said...

Still loving this picture. I wonder if when she gets old enough to understand if she'll think it's very funny. Ha ha. Probably not until she has kids of her own. LOL. :)