Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Cake Tradition

I'm not even sure how many years this has been going on but I know it's a tradition we're not about to break. Each year on (or around) my birthday I allow Joe to step into my kitchen and use my beloved tools to create for me a birthday masterpiece. He's an engineer, an artist, a perfectionist, but most of all an incredible husband. Every cake he's ever made has been filled with more love than I could imagine and for that I love him more each time.

My birthday... March 15th... was complicated this year. The kids came down (one subsequently after the other) with a quick stomach virus the weekend preceding which left Joe and me inflicted with the same bug on my lovely birthday Eve. We believed it was possible that we would recover as quickly as the kids and make it on our dinner date the next night (it was my special day after all...) But misery struck and we were left taking shifts with the kids while the other slept it off. Joe was back to work on the 16th but I was still recovering. It wasn't until Friday that we were able to resume our date (a birthday "mulligan" if you will...) And so Saturday was baking day.

The one difference this year (and likely every year from now on) was the two little helpers who were eager to get their hands in on the project. So I sat back and watched as three of the most beloved people in my life put all of their efforts into creating my special day cake. And the end result was fantastic as always. Banana Cake with fresh raspberry filling and lemon cream cheese frosting. Now step away from the kitchen dear husband for I am still the cook of the house and I can't be outdone...

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