Friday, April 15, 2011

Back it Up: Hawaii for Girls

Or I suppose I should say Hawaii for nurses as this trip was disguised as a "business" endeavor. It took some convincing but Joe finally agreed to let me take off on a girls only vacation to sunny Hawaii. Oh yeah, and of course it was for work... a 5 day trip for a 1 day conference. Absolutely necessary. I felt myself coming close to an anxiety attack as I packed and prepared to leave Joe and the kids for 5 days indulging in what I was trying to consider a much-deserved break. I planned it all out down to the meals in the freezer and who would take care of the kids. I was determined not to let Joe have any regrets.

So, early on the 24th of February I left the 20 degree temps of Central Oregon and boarded a plane for sunny Honolulu. Met up with six other girls from work and packed a ton of adventure into a seemingly short trip. Getting the conference out of the way on Friday, we experienced an afternoon on the beach and a night on the town. Spent Saturday hiking Diamond Head crater, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay and enjoying a fun and relaxing dinner at Duke's Canoe Club. Took the city bus on Sunday to the beautiful Kailua beach where we swam in the calm waters and basked in the warm sun. Rented a minivan and drove to the North Shore on Monday for a change of scenery watching whales and surfers and stopping for a coconut water experience (coconuts sold on the side of the road, chopped open and complete with a straw for drinking your "water.") And then headed home on Tuesday. Back to the real world (and the snow...)

It was the perfect get away trip. Just long enough that I missed my husband and kids, but not too much. I felt slightly guilty getting away but was still able to relax and have fun. The girls I was with made the trip fun and worthwhile... an adventurous beach trip to remember...

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