Sunday, November 28, 2010


To finish the story (again, remember although I'm blogging now, our trip was actually October 15th-24th... I've been slacking, I know...) from Charleston we drove up to Charlotte before heading back to Rock Hill to spend our last couple nights with family. Charlotte is the home of the newly built and recently opened Nascar Hall of Fame. None of us have ever been the Nascar type but Brendan is a race car lover who was thrilled beyond belief by the sites at this place. We spent a good couple of hours touring the facility and learning everything we never wanted to know about NASCAR but the kids had a blast. Then it was back to Rock Hill and eventually the flight back home.
And although there were numerous meltdowns, tantrums and minor setbacks we left with nothing but positive thoughts and memories and the desire to return. I have a feeling we'll be seeing the South again in the future...

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