Monday, July 26, 2010

Signs Point To...


As in left handed.

As in the hand she chooses for the two main life tasks that generally require handedness. Eating and writing (and occasional nose picking.)

Is this something to be worried about? Of course not. Is it remarkable? Hardly. Would I have posted if we realized she was right handed? Nope. Is it possible that she will change from left to right? Sure.

Just taking a moment to treasure a child's uniqueness.

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Katie said...

Did you know that Patrick is left-handed? Alex didn't believe me for a long time, I kept having to say, see, he's got his spoon in his left hand. "That's just because he's feeding himself with his hand more than his spoon, it keeps his right hand free." I'd get that sort of response:) He kicks left footed too, I guess they can have some things right and some left. But yes, any unique feature of our beloved children is cherished, as one part of a compilation of God's amazing creation. Just like I adore Gwen's long skinny feet like her Daddy (and Grandma) and Emily's short stubby feet and fingers that are just like mine (I hate mine, BTW!, and Grandma hates hers:).