Friday, April 23, 2010

The Never-Ending Conversation

B: "Mommy, why are you stopping the van?"
M: "I'm stopping here to get some coffee."
B: "Why did you tell her that?"
M: "I needed to tell her what I wanted."
B:"What is she doing?"
M: "Making my coffee."
B: "What is that noise?"
M: "The coffee machine."
B: "Do we have one of those?"
M: (smiling) "Not that kind."
B: "What kind is it?"
M: "The kind that makes espresso."
B: "What is a presso?"
M: "A special kind of coffee."
B: "Why is it special?"
M: "Umm... because it's different than the kind Mommy drinks at home."
B: "Oh..." (pausing)
M: (holding my breath, hoping we're done but knowing all to well that we're not even close)
B: "What did you just give her?"
M: (sighing slightly) "My credit card."
B: "Isn't that Daddy's credit card?"
M: "No honey, mommy has one just like Daddy's"
B: "Where is Daddy's?"
M: "In his wallet."
B: "Why did you give her your credit card?"
M: "Because I had to pay for my coffee."
B: "Why did you have to pay for it?"
M: "Because coffee isn't free sweetheart."
B: "What does free mean?"
M: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And such is a day in my life...


Kate said...

Ha ha ha. Well if it's never ending there should be lots more to write about. Ha ha ha. :)

Tiffaney said...

I can totally relate! It is non-stop all day here like that too.

Kelly Olson said...

Love it! Only when we go through the starbucks line I have lots of, why can't I get chocolate milk and a cookie today.

Matt and Melissa said...

Hilarious! Amazing how they can always have something to say!

Jess said...

Oh man, that is so hilarious! He's pretty on top of notice and want to know about absolutely everything!!