Monday, February 15, 2010

Nothing New

I'm sorry to say I have nothing new to post. No new recipes, no crazy stories, no cute new pictures. Just our everyday lives. And maybe a few updates.

Aubrey has mastered the talent of going DOWN the stairs. In an attempt to give her mother a heart attack she ran full speed towards the top of the stairs and stopped just short of the edge, plopping herself down in an "about face" motion and proceeded to scoot herself backwards down each following step. Gotta keep an eye on that one. Her vocabulary also now includes "apple" "silly" "juice" and "beads." She amazes us with every new word.

Brendan has shown an interest in reading and Joe is working with him almost daily on identifying the sounds that go with each letter to create words. At 3 years old, his intelligence never ceases to amaze me. He also recently took a random interest in childbirth, asking me just how it was that his sister got out of mommy's tummy all those months ago. My mind worked hard wondering just how much to tell a 3-year-old as I explained that mommy "pushed" her out... He thought awhile then asked "how?" To which I replied "well... mommy pushed really hard." His mind tinkered some more as it came slowly to him "OHH!! Like this {enter strained, having a bowel movement look}?" I stifled a laugh and said "umm... yeah honey, kinda like that!" But I feared this wasn't enough. He thought about it some more and started again "but how... {enter a lapse of about 10 seconds and an obvious change in attention span} hey mommy! did you see the towers I built for my cars?!" *WHEW* I had survived!

And such is the life of this mommy of 2... full of strife and adventure, full of love and devotion.


Tiffaney said...

At least he wasn't asking how the baby got in there!

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

haha that is awesome! and your Aubrey is quite the linguist. That's a good amount of words she is getting in her repertoire...Roman comparatively is taking the slow track =)