Wednesday, October 21, 2009

one of those days

My good friend Tracey, her son Kian and her newborn baby girl decided to stop by to let the boys have some good old play time. We've known for some time (the poop story will have to be documented at some point) that when these two are alone and quiet, something bad is going on. But this time there was no silence, we just couldn't see them. Brendan came running into the living room stark naked (who knew he could take his own clothes off??!) and upon further investigation I found Kian in the coat closet with nothing on but Brendan's fireman coat and boots. I couldn't stop laughing and grabbed the camera. This was the funny part... the not so funny part was the half gallon (or more) of carpet shampoo that they emptied onto the closet floor (and all over the toy basket.) So while Tracey laid a very hungry crying baby down and Aubrey proceeded to notice that everyone had left the room, I attempted to soak up the mess while she rinsed off the toys. I kept telling her that of all the things to dump on the carpet, (aside from water) carpet shampoo had to be the best.

I contemplated posting the hilarious picture that I took but decided against it after remembering the recent media events that landed an Arizona couple in the middle of a lawsuit for bathtub pictures that were taken of their children. But picture it if you will, our two toddler boys naked as a jaybird, not thinking twice about it... hilarious!


Matt and Melissa said...

OH MY GOSH! I think I would have just died in laughter. How can you be upset at something so hilarious. Or maybe its just funny because they are yours! [grin}

Tiffaney said...

That is too funny!

Alicia said...

Too funny, Annie! Roarke, too, LOVES to be a "naked man!" Half the time when I walk into his room in the morning he has already worked his way out of his pjs and diaper.