Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visiting Visitors

When we moved to Bend we sadly left behind many of our very close friends. And after being here almost a year, we have been so looking forward to the day when the Falkner family would come to visit. Sarah, James, and their twin 3-year-old boys Matthew and Ethan made the trip from Beaverton to Bend for a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

We started Saturday with a walk down the canal in the cool morning sun (no one was wearing sun screen and we all got a little pink.) Then Sarah and I got some much needed girls time out while the kids and daddies all took naps. After some shopping, pedicures, and a stop for coffee, we returned home and took the kids up to the pool for some early evening swimming. Back to the house for barbecued chicken and once the kids were in bed, it was margarita time for the adults! Sunday we had a beautiful lunch at the river and then sadly said goodbye to our wonderful friends.
It's times like these that leave such bittersweet feelings. I love my new home. I never want to leave. But oh how I miss my very best friends...

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