Friday, May 29, 2009

6 months

Yesterday marked my baby girl's half birthday and I can hardly believe it. Of course it also means that my sweet little boy is closing in on his 3rd birthday and that's equally as frightening. She's such a lover, my baby girl. So happy these days, as content as can be. Loves her big brother who can make her smile like no one else.

Top tooth still hasn't come in... we're waiting patiently. She's eating... yes, EATING and this girl is a chow hound. After the first few unsure bites of veggies I think she suddenly realized it was FOOD! So the last few days she has been finishing a 2 oz container of veggies and a tablespoon of rice cereal for both lunch and dinner (with no preference to type... she downed a container of green beans in 5 minutes flat!) Still not rolling back to tummy but I think she's just being lazy... she could do it if she tried. Not sure of her weight... 6 month checkup is next week. But look at those rolly polly thighs and arms... I'm sure she's healthy. Hand-eye coordination is developing as she's started to see things and reach/grasp for them. Of course Brendan thinks this is great so he puts things out for her to reach for (knowing she can't reach the things he doesn't want her to!) Fun times...

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The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

i love hearing about her progress!! she is beautiful and i haven't been as faithful doing the monthly photo shots like you- so you are motivating me something fierce right now =). glad she is such a love- that's the best!