Monday, April 20, 2009

Reaching A Milestone

The video is a bit long but I wasn't sure exactly how to shorten it. This happened last night as our baby girl reached a new milestone. She's been sleeping on her tummy for some time now (despite the guidelines to put babies to sleep on their backs.) So I laid her down for bed around 7:45 as I left to go get dessert for me and Joe. When I came back home Joe was rocking her in the rocker and had a smug smile on his face. He had gone in to check on her because she was crying pitifully and suddnely thought to himself "wait a minute... you're not usually looking up at me..." So he rolled her back onto her tummy to see what would happen. Sure enough she pushed herself back onto her back. My wonderful husband, thinking of me and how I'd hate to miss this moment (I'm assuming), ran to get the camera. So this was his attempt at recording one of many "firsts" to come...

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