Friday, January 2, 2015


When Brendan was 18 months old, in 2007, we purchased this sweet bouncy horse for him for Christmas. Brendan was reluctant at first but grew to love Chester and bounce on him with enthusiasm more than we ever could have imagined.  He got passed down to Aubrey who loved him with just as much intensity as her brother had.  He got lots of use... lots of love.  I remember distinctly when Aubrey would just wrap her arms around his neck as if he were a creature capable of really feeling her fondness.  We knew he had been one of our best kid purchases ever.  But after Aubrey grew out of using him we needed the play space and retired him to storage in the garage.  We couldn't quite fathom letting him go for good.  And I'm so incredibly glad we didn't.  Though someday he will eventually leave this family, for now I believe this girl may have found her new best friend...

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