Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fly Me Home

A conversation between me and my children while driving down the road:

Brendan: Mommy, did you know that they make a car that is also an airplane? Wouldn't that be cool?!

Me: Wow, that is pretty cool.  I'll bet you'd need a special kind of license to drive one of those

Brendan: Yeah, how would that work?

Me: Well... you'd have to get a pilot's license in addition to a driver's license

Brendan: So, how would you get your pilot's license?

Me: You have to take lessons.  And get lots of hours flying with an instructor.

Aubrey: Well where will we go?

Me: (pause) What do you mean where will you go?

Brendan: She means where will we go?

(Right... because asking the question a second time gives me total clarification...)

Me: (let's try this again)... um, I don't understand what you mean...

Aubrey: Where will we go while you take your flying lessons?

*long amused pause*

Me: Sweetheart, I will not be taking flying lessons

Brendan: (while Aubrey let's out a soft whine) Well I guess we won't be getting one of those airplane cars then...

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