Friday, March 4, 2011

Troubled Waters

I know how often I comment on how incredibly different my two children are. But one of their greatest differences has always been their love (or lack thereof) of the water. From the day we brought Brendan home from the hospital when he was born, he was terrified of bathtime and has never had the desire to learn to swim. I struggled through two rounds of "mommy and me" toddler lessons, hoping his fear would resolve (the dangers of having children afraid of the water are too horrible to fathom) but I sadly had no luck. In fact, I was the only mother whose child screamed in fear through each class. I had almost given up hope (and stopped trying for the last 2 years) until my good friend was referred to a local woman who teaches lessons out of her home.

She is the water wonder woman (at least to me...) With the patience of a saint and years of teaching skills, this lady is my saving grace. And who better to take the plunge with (pun totally intended...) than his very best buddy, Kian. (that's Brendan on the right, my Shorty McShortster alongside Kian and Miss Mary)

Lesson #1: Brendan cried each time Miss Mary "made him" put his face in the water and I almost cried along with him. Her insistence and reassurance that he was not, in fact, getting hurt by the water paid off and he left with a smile.

Lesson #2: Less crying but a lot of repetitive "why do I have to do it AGAIN?!" when the practicing continued. I saw the lightbulb go on as he realized that holding his breath wasn't all that difficult and floating could be effortless...

Lesson #3: Back floating is EASY (this woman is a saint!) And he's learning to do an actual swim stroke!

Lesson #4: Brendan is back-floating on his own. I watch in amazement as she lifts her hands from the water and my baby boy floats by smiling. She begins to teach him the back stroke. Have I mentioned this woman is amazing??

Yes, we will continue our lessons with her, maybe for the rest of his life... Aubrey on the other hand gets to take a soak with me in the deep end, jumps happily from the edge, dunks playfully below the surface and begs to "weeee" on the rope swing... TOTAL... OPPOSITES...

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That is wonderful Annie!