Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fire Station Fun

One of the benefits of having Brendan in preschool is the opportunity for me to chaperone all the fun-filled 4-year-old field trips. It's the kind of mom I always dreamed of being. The one who volunteers to drive, to load the van up with chatty kids, to cart them off, help keep track and watch the priceless smiles as they laugh, love and learn. So when Brendan's teacher asked if I could drive for the Fire Station field trip three weeks ago I jumped at the chance. Three 4-year-old boys talking non stop on the 5 minute drive who lit up with excitement through the entire presentation. The hats stayed on and the smiles continued on the 5 minute drive back to school. Priceless memories in the making... I think I may have had more fun than even Brendan.

Oh, and another benefiit of chaperoning? I get to put faces to names that I hear about in our "how was school" talks... namely a cute little blonde named Brooke who happens to be the current love of his life... I may need to keep an eye on this one :)

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