Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oregon Coast Camping

Having camped on the Oregon coast nearly every summer of my childhood, I should have expected the ever present and infamous wind and cold. However, I purposely scheduled our annual family camp trip (insert my parents, their fifth-wheel and all accompanying camp gear i.e. espresso machine) on the last weekend of August to attempt for a bit of warmth and sunshine. I failed on at least one count. Sunshine be darned, the wind on the beach made sand castle building almost unbearable... almost... Little did Brendan know, his grandpa is a die-hard when it comes to sandcastles and has survived 5 unrelenting children who would freeze their butts off before leaving an unfinished sculpture.

Beverly Beach was our site of choice this year, a site where many of my childhood camping memories were made. Lots of fun times, food, biking, food, nature walks, food, playing in the sand, food and more food. We come prepared to feed an army so what else is there to do?? And who says you can't have s'mores in the middle of the afternoon? Where there's a fire, there's a s'more! As far as Aubrey was concerned, forget roasting, the marshmallow was fine as is (less mess factor for me!)

More importantly, lots of smiles and laughs, and despite the long drive home, lots of good old memories made...

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Paula said...

It looks like you had fun despite the wind! We camped at Beverly Beach last year and had a great time. Nick had spent many summers there too, but it was my first time. I love the espresso machine comment. Did you know that REI has a travel mug style french press? It is perfect for camping! In fact, I never camp without mine. :-)