Saturday, September 26, 2009

Portrait of Brilliance

This scanned image barely does justice to the original portrait that was drawn by my brilliant 3-year-old son. The colors are difficult to distinguish but the perceived concept is what truly amazed me. This is a portrait that Brendan drew of his daddy one morning while Joe was at the kitchen table doing work. While he was given a little prompting on colors, the placement and creation were all his own. Daddy... with his blue eyes, blond hair, very large brown eyebrows, well placed nose and mouth, blue shirt, blue sky and sunshine above, and Joe informed me that the larger random yellow scribble is his hands... how could I have missed that? He must have inherited his artistic abilities from his daddy :)

Needless to say, his very proud daddy has framed this work of art to hang in his office where he can see it every day.

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Kelly Olson said...

You have an artist on your hands. I love that picture!