Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crater Lake Camping

This year's family camping trip destination: the beautiful and majestic Crater Lake located in Oregon's southern backyard. But lest you believe that we're truly "roughing it" when we go camping, I'll tell you now that this fun-filled annual event includes my parents' fifth wheel trailer fully equipped with couch, beds, kitchen and espresso maker.

Seeing as how the indoor sleeping options were limited (added to the fact that he snores like you wouldn't believe) Joe and I tend to seperate ourselves for the wee hours of the night. This year, that meant that, while I chose to sleep in the trailer with our baby girl, Brendan took his first attempt at tent camping with daddy.

Beyond the extreme heat, the dust that covered everything, the mosquitoes, the small campsites, the lack of inteligence of park staff, and the 75 cent 4-minute (ice cold) showers... the awe-inspiring beauty of a truly magnificent creation made the trip well worth it.

But I think I can safely say that we will not be returning to the Crater Lake campground anytime in the near future and that next year's trip will likely involve a trip to the Oregon coast.


The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

sounds like some wild good times! never been to crater lake but your pics turned out beautiful from there. looks like a gorgeous place to visit albeit all the mosquitos, lack of intelligence, etc =) glad you guys got away.

Kelly Olson said...

I still want to camp at Crater Lake, even with the dust, bugs, and 75 cent cold 4 minute showers.

Alicia said...

Hi Annie! I found your blog via fb--and I am SO glad we are not the only ones crazy enough to camp with such little kids! Mollie is all set for her first camping trip next weekend--we're heading to the Metolius River--in your neck of the woods!