Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Years of Attitude

Today (June 18, 2009) marks the third anniversary of the day that I pushed that sweet little boy into this world. What a glorious day. I remember every detail. But most of all I remember how very blessed I felt to have given birth to such a beautiful and perfect little child. Since his birthday inevitably (and most unfortunately) falls smack dab in the middle of Joe's 2-week annual training for the army every year, we decided to pack things up and head to California for some much needed family time. Nonna and Aunt bean (a nickname that developed from my sister's childhood nickname "Jilly bean" shortened to "bean") threw him a very sweet birthday party to honor his three years of attitude. This is the farm animal cake that was a big hit among both kids and adults!And after presents were opened, cake was eaten, wrapping paper was cleaned up... who could resist breaking out the brand new chainsaw and safety goggles?!

It's hard to believe that three years have passed already. It hits me every day that he's just not my baby anymore. He's becoming such an independent little person and I love every ounce of him! Happy Birthday baby boy... you will always be my sunshine!

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